Having Trouble With Drops

Discussion in 'General' started by Will Waters, Jan 12, 2021 at 9:45 PM.

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    Type: <ZOMBIE>
    - cmd{c="ei-give <target.name> owtiasfire"} 1 20%
    - exp 700 1 0.8
    - message{m="&6&l&oOwtia &fHas Been Defeated!"} @PlayersInRadius{r=30} 1 1

    I can't seem to get this droptable to work. No matter what order I put it in, It will not output the message command! It does however give exp and gives the item. Is this a bug maybe? I'm using the latest dev release due to a bug with items, this is the reason I'm using the dev version and not the live build. Any help is appreciated!

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